Latest DIY Teeth Whitening Trends: Charcoal Scrubs….

Some recent methods claim that scrubbing your teeth with ingredients like activated charcoal or a baking soda-hydrogen peroxide paste will help brighten your smile.

However, according to a published literature review article in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association,  there is currently no evidence that shows dental products with charcoal are safe or effective for your teeth.

Also, using materials that are too abrasive on your teeth can actually make them look more yellow. Enamel is what you’re looking to whiten, but if you’re using a scrub that is too rough, you can actually wear it away.  This causes the  next layer of your tooth can become exposed – a softer, yellow tissue called dentin.

The best time period to whiten teeth is after a cleaning appointment.  The reason being any superficial stains and hardened plaque deposits have been removed from the teeth, allowing for the whitening agent to be more effectively absorbed.

Dentist prescribed at-home teeth whitening has been proven over time to be a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment.  So the next time you are in to see the dentist, feel free to ask what options there are to whiten and brighten your smile.


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