All about the Importance of White Fillings

By Definition

Also known as composite fillings or composite resins, white fillings are considered the ultimate solution to restoring decayed teeth. Among other benefits, these cosmetic improvements help individuals regain confidence in their eating habits and physical appearance. Don’t consider having a rotten tooth the end of the world or a permanent disaster in your personal dental journey. White fillings can make a huge difference if properly inserted. Get familiar with the basics and take back your right to health oral care.

Understanding the Process

Every dental professional knows that white fillings are needed to help withstand pressure from the wear and tear of chewing food once the teeth have weakened. These tooth-colored fillings can be implanted in front or back teeth and remain the ideal choice for those who want their fillings to resemble their natural teeth. Although deemed more expensive, composite resins are often chosen over amalgam, or metal, fillings because they don’t take as long to place in the mouth and their appearance is more natural, resembling the waxy white color of legitimate teeth.

Once white fillings have been properly prepared for insertion, dental professionals use a specialized light that enables them to effectively place the composites inside the mouth. Afterwards, the dentist shapes the composite so it’s the appropriate fit for an individual’s mouth. The last step involves the specialist cleaning the composite to prevent staining and other forms of wear-and-tear. Composites basically bond to the natural tooth to provide a foundation to the existing tooth structure.

Primary Advantages

  • Great Insulation

Teeth that are decayed are more susceptible to extreme sensitivity and breakage without the protection of white fillings to decrease damage. Composite resins serve well, in terms of reducing the chances of irreparable teeth that inevitably need to be removed altogether.

  • Aesthetic Quality

Those who invest in white fillings are automatically endowed with the benefit of regaining the high self-esteem that goes with having a bright, enriching smile. Composite resins are capable of helping people achieve the most satisfaction with visible pearly whites.

  • Increased Coverage

At one time, white fillings weren’t usually covered by many dental plans. Today, however, more employers are offering dental benefits that pay for the insertion of these fixtures.

Healthy Habits

  • Brush, Gargle, and Floss Regularly

It’s important to uphold the habit of brushing, using mouthwash, and flossing twice a day in order to maintain the squeaky clean appearance of white fillings.

  • Schedule Consistent Visits with a Dental Professional

Whether your composite resins are giving you issues or not, it’s best to check in regularly with a dental specialist who can confirm the condition of your oral care needs.

  • Remain Observant

Between dental visits, be sure to pay close attention to the state of your mouth and take note of any discomfort.

Dealing with decayed teeth can become uncomfortable, if not extremely painful, when not tended to correctly. Don’t wait around for the worst case scenario. Contact Door Creek Dental today and consult with a dental expert who’s qualified to address your oral care needs.