Exploring Your Teeth Whitening Options


Does your smile seem a little dull, or are you battling light stains or other teeth discolorations? Whitening toothpastes can only go so far to remove surface stains. For a truly whiter, brighter smile, you may want to truly consider having your teeth professionally whitened. Keep reading to learn more and to discover your whitening options.

Smile Makeover - Madison WI

Smile Makeover – Madison WI


Ignoring the In-Store Shelf Hype

Many of the teeth whitening products currently sold in stores say they are guaranteed to work, but how many of the supporting companies can back up their claims? The teeth whitening strips and do-it-yourself kits sold in stores are not regulated in the same way that professional whitening solutions are. Some of the brands may not be reputable, or the bold claims could be utterly unattainable. You will not know the results until you try them, and by that point you cannot return the products if they do not work. Instead, invest in something that works: the professional teeth whitening services your dentist offers.


Seek a Consultation

If you want your smile to look as good as possible, why settle for sub-par products or services? Contact your dentist for a consultation, explaining upfront that you would like to discuss your whitening options during your appointment. Everyone’s teeth are different, so your dentist will take into consideration the current amount of stains or buildup as well as your teeth’s natural coloration. Your teeth may be just a few shades away from your ideal white, or you may require more attention and treatment. Either way, it is possible to have long-lasting results that give you a beautiful smile.


Consider Other Factors

At your consultation, your dentist will examine the rest of your teeth for any potential problems. It is highly important to take care of cavities or other issues before performing any cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. Your dentist may also discuss your diet or eating habits, as many foods and drinks can contribute to staining or discoloration. After determining your mouth’s overall health, your dentist may recommend a whitening solution. Our teeth also tend to darken as we age, so whitening your smile will give you a brighter, younger look.


Professional Teeth Whitening

The do-it-yourself whitening kits sold in stores are enticing in part because they are relatively inexpensive. Professional teeth whitening is more costly, but it is also proven to work and will give you lasting results. In this case, investing in professional whitening is a much smarter and savvier move than wasting money on store-bought products that may or may not work.


Professional treatments include a powerful whitening agent, most often a gel. This product is extremely effective, and your dentist will ensure that your gums and the rest of your mouth are well protected during treatment. The results of professional whitening are often dramatic, giving you a bright smile in just about an hour. If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening or are ready to set up a consultation, call Door Creek Dental today.