Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are bonded on the fronts of teeth.   Veneers are used to straighten teeth, improve on the color and shape of natural teeth, repair fractured teeth, and fill gaps between teeth.  They can give you straighter, brighter, more even looking smile and are a great way to transform your smile in a few dental visits.

The ceramic used to make veneers has a translucent quality similar to natural enamel.  Very little natural tooth needs to be removed to make room for the veneer, since it is so thin.  The bonding of the veneers to the enamel of the teeth allows them to be very strong.  Normal eating can be done and veneers tend to resist staining, unlike natural enamel.

 View the video below from the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry about Veneer treatment.

Learn more about Porcelain Veneer Treatment by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Planning your veneer treatment with a Door Creek Dental dentist is a very important first step.  Understanding your expectations as far as shade, tooth size, and tooth position is the foundation of a successful treatment.  A smile analysis will be done including a discussion with you, photographs, measurements, and impression of your teeth.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Kirkpatrick for 18 years! We love the people there and as a previously ‘nervous’ dental patient I can say I honestly have no fear there. Recently Dr. To performed a crown and as with Dr. K., it was an easy experience for me. She did extra bit of cosmetic work on a front tooth crack and in past the 2 dentists have done simple things like smooth a fringed tooth that was wearing away a bit so as to improve the look of my smile, on the house! Who does this kind of customer service anymore? DOORCREEK DENTAL THAT’S WHO! From young children through concerns adults have regarding aging teeth DoorCreek covers everyone’s needs.

Beth K.

Door Creek Dental – professional, personable and positive Our family has relied on Door Creek Dental for dental care for years. We appreciate the pleasant and professional manner in this office as well as the great chair-side manner of hygienists, nurses and doctors. I am confident that Dr. Kirkpatrick is practical and knowledgeable in making viable recommendations that are exactly what I need to maintain good oral health. Dr. Kirkpatrick’s wit and respectful banter while smiling staff look on makes me feel I’m among friends in addition to receiving good dental care. Overall, my experience with Door Creek Dental has always been positive. We will continue with Door Creek Dental in the future.

Kathleen L.

I use to hate going to the Dentist! Since I met Michelle my hygienist I actually enjoy going regularly to see her! She has taken my teeth from bad to really really nice in just a few visits. Great Dr and office staff! Highly recommended!!

Ron C.

My first time visit to Door Creek Dental office was THE BEST. Brittany and Dr. Kirkpatrick made me feel very comfortable and ‘at home’. My cleaning and my examination was very thorough. I’m looking forward to my next visit in August. My second visit to Door Creek Dental was as good as the first! To begin with the staff at the front desk are THE BEST. Their easy, happy manner puts one at ease immediately. I met Jennifer for the first time. She took time to get to know me and then did a thorough cleaning. I’m happy to have located a great dental team.

Jill V.

Can’t say enough good things about staff and doctors here. They got me in for an emergency tooth issue with little problem. Have been with them since before Dr. Kirkpatrick came on board. Never have had bad experience ever. Most of extended family also go here. We travel from out of state to receive treatment from them, that is how much we think of them and their service.

Dannette J

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