Root Canal FAQ

Nobody is ever excited when the dentist tells them that they have to undergo a root canal. But it is something that needs to be taken care of in order to experience excellent tooth health.

root canalYou may be wondering about the root canal procedure. You might want to learn more about the treatment and whether or not you are the correct candidate. Plus you may have a number of other questions that need answering.

We will do our best to answer a few questions for you today. At Door Creek Dental in Madison, WI, we only want what is best for our patients. Please read on to learn more about root canals.

What Is a Root Canal?

Each tooth has a pulp in the center. This pulp is filled with nerves and it also supplies nutrients to the tooth. It’s connected to the root of your tooth, and when it becomes injured or diseased, it will unfortunately perish.

If this were to take place, and you did nothing, you run the risk of receiving an infection, or worse, losing your tooth altogether. But if you were to do the right thing, and get proper treatment, root canal therapy could ultimately end up saving the tooth.

When this procedure is performed, the dentist is going to extract the diseased pulp from the tooth. He or she will then reshape the canal and seal it so that the tooth remains strengthened. Ultimately, the dentist will have to put a crown over the tooth in order to save it.

Is It Necessary to Undergo Root Canal Treatment?

If your dentist tells you that it’s time to get a root canal in order to save the tooth, then you better well listen. We want to do what is best for you and nothing more.

But if you’re uncertain of the diagnosis, and you’d like to try and confirm for yourself, please realize that there are certain symptoms to look out for. Pus could develop and form an abscess. This can cause serious damage to the health of your teeth as well as the bone around your tooth. It will break down, your teeth will fall out and you’ll also experience serious pain. Do not let your dental issues go this far. Visit the dentist right away so that he or she can fix the problem before it gets any worse.

How Is Pulp Damage Caused?

Pulp damage is typically caused due to trauma or irritation of the pulp nerve. Trauma, for the most part, is when the tooth experiences actual physical damage. Maybe you accidentally hit your tooth really hard. That’s one form of trauma. On the other hand, irritation will take place because of tooth decay damaging the nerve. This infection and decay causes destructive bacteria that can cause serious damage to your teeth.