2 Powerful Benefits of White Fillings

Dental patients are often disappointed, at least they were in the past, when they would come to our office for a visit and find out that they had a cavity. This meant that they would have to undergo heavy drilling and eventually have their teeth filled with silver (amalgam) fillings. As you can imagine, having large silver deposits in your teeth is not a very attractive option.White Filings

Thankfully, over the years, the dental industry has improved tremendously. As a patient of today’s modern dentistry, you can take advantage of white fillings, properly known as composite resin fillings.

As the title claims, there are two powerful benefits that you can take advantage of immediately as opposed to going with amalgam fillings. Talk to your dental practitioner about this very topic.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits and how they can help you today.

Benefit #1: Composite Fillings Are the Color of Your Teeth

When visiting us feel free to speak liberally about this topic with your dental hygienist and dentist. We do everything in our power to make all of our patients happy. If you prefer fillings that ultimately match the color of your teeth, then composite resin fillings are the way to go.

In fact, many patients were unhappy every time they came to our office in the past when they had a cavity. They knew that we were going to have to drill out the rotten cavity and fill it in with the silver looking amalgam fillings. This is no longer a necessity with better materials being used in today’s modern dentistry.

For those of you worried about having a mouth filled with silver teeth, please worry no longer. We can use the composite resin fillings instead. They will match your teeth and be hardly noticeable to anyone looking in your mouth for any reason.

Benefit #2: Conservative Cavity Preparation

This is by far the best benefit to using composite resin fillings of this type. Instead of the dentists needing to spend an inordinate amount of time drilling out your tooth in order to make room for the filling, they are only required to do a conservative amount of cavity preparation.

Not only will this help to preserve your teeth better so that they last longer, but it also provides the added benefit of having a chance to get in and out of the office as quick as possible. The less cavity preparation required, the quicker the overall filling process is going to take. Can you see the benefit in conservative cavity preparation offered by composite resin fillings?

All in all, residents of Madison, WI should take heart in knowing that they do not need to walk around with large metal fillings in their mouth any longer. There is a much better alternative if you decide to go that route. We are happy to help you each and every step of the way, so feel free to pay us a visit during your regularly scheduled checkup.