Advantages of CEREC Dentistry

One of the most recent innovative advances in dentistry is CEREC or Ceramic Reconstruction. This new procedure in dentistry utilizes high-quality technology to help dentists make reparative dental parts quickly and effectively. The system originated at the University of Zurich in 1980 by those seeking to speed up the process of dental work. By 2002, the United States had more than 2,500 dentists utilizing CEREC technology. cerec_logoCEREC dentistry involves a series of scans of the patient’s mouth. These scans are then relayed to a computer with 3D technology which creates an image of the dental restoration piece. The image is then printed on a milling or 3D printer and is ready for implantation by the dentist. CEREC offers several advantages over traditional methods of reparative dentistry. Here are 4 of those advantages.

One Visit

One of the worst aspects of dental repair procedures is that the process takes more than one visit to the dentist to complete. Crowns, bridges, and inlays all must be custom fitted to the patient’s mouth before the procedure can be completed. This fitting can takes days, even weeks to complete. However, with CEREC the dental restoration is completed in one patient visit. The 3D technology and milling or 3D printer produces the required dental part in the dentist’s office while the patient is still in the chair.

Less Expensive

Because the main advantage of CEREC is a one visit solution to dental problems, the patient saves money in a variety of ways. First, fewer visits to the dentist means less cost to the patient. Second, the CEREC machine can be purchased by individual dentists which reduces overhead costs. Because the printing machines are in-house, dentists can reduce the cost of the procedure and eliminate the need to pay another company to construct the patient’s dental imprints. The materials to produce the dental parts do cost the same but producing them in-house and during the one visit reduces the overall cost of the reparative feature.

Long Lasting Results

CEREC uses biomedical materials that are stronger than traditional veneers and therefore last longer. The long-lasting materials help ensure that the patient will not have to replace or repeat the procedure in a few years. Also, the material used in CEREC procedures is non-metal and prevents plaque from bonding to the replacement dental part, which means the dental work will remain clean and cavity free. The long-lasting results are just one of the many advantages of choosing CEREC dentistry to promote overall dental health

The Future of Dentistry

CEREC is the future of dentistry. The technology uses non-metal, biocompatible materials to produce the dental part and the reparative work lasts longer than the old methods of dentistry. The high-tech procedure produces more accurate results to cut down on later adjustments and replacements. And because this technology has proven less expensive, more and more dentists are turning to CEREC procedures and away from the outdated methods of impressions and multiple visits.