Most Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • A severely decayed or infected tooth that cannot be fixed
  • Severe gum disease leading to a loss of bone and soft tissue support
  • Inadequate space for erupting permanent teeth or extra teeth that are blocking others from erupting
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Inadequate space for your wisdom teeth
  • The visible portion of a tooth or root is severely fractured

Post-op Instructions for Extractions

First 24-hours
  • Bite on gauze firmly for 15-20 minutes, site can drain for as long as 24-hours
  • Don’t spit, suck on candies or suck though a straw
  • Don’t rinse your mouth , and don’t brush or floss next to the site
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco.  Avoid tobacco for at least 24-hours because it slows healing
  • Limit yourself to calm activities
  • Don’t drink hot, carbonated, or alcoholic drinks, and avoid hot or spicy foods

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