White Fillings

BEFORE Treatment                                                                AFTER Treatment

fillings_b                                         fillings_a

In today’s world, many people are looking for natural-looking restorative options to repair their teeth.  For larger restorations like crowns and bridges, patients will choose porcelain for it’s strength and beauty.  When doing more conservative restorations, white fillings are often the answer.  Made from microscopic glass beads with a resin matrix, these materials bond to the natural tooth structure.  They reestablish the original shape of the tooth and strengthen it in the process.  The material also hardens immediately so you can function on the teeth by the time your appointment is complete.

 View the video below from the American Dental Association about White Fillings.

If you are tired of seeing the darkening of your smile, white fillings can often be the answer for that.  When replaced they become invisible in your mouth, blending in the natural enamel.

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