CEREC – 1 Visit Crowns

What is a CEREC – 1 Visit Crown?

The name Cerec stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.  The process utilizes CAD/CAM technology to acquire digital impressions of the teeth.  Then with computer assistance, we are able to custom design and fabricate tooth colored ceramic restoration.  This can be done in one appointment, avoiding bulky traditional impressions, cumbersome temporary crowns, and eliminating the need for an extra appointment.  The final restorations are very accurate, strong, and naturally beautiful to match your teeth.

Benefits of CEREC restorations

  • They usually only require one appointment, even if working on multiple teeth.
  • Only the necessary amount of tooth is removed, conserving healthy tooth structure.
  • The restorations are very accurate and strong.
  • They are made of metal-free, ceramic tooth colored materials.

View the video below about the CEREC -1 visit Crown Process. 

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